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The best technology for simplified patient encounter documentation that bolsters clinician satisfaction and revenue retention.


eScription One delivers a comprehensive, cost-effective documentation workflow solution that streamlines documentation, optimises workflow and creates value by complimenting your Electronic Record strategy.

All-inclusive Solution Components


  • InQuiry enables medical facilities to manage their day-to-day documentation workflow — efficiently and effortlessly.


  • InSync automatically uploads dictations from digital recorders to the eScription One servers, effortlessly and seamlessly.


  • InTouch allows health care professionals to dictate over the phone, increasing their comfort and productivity.


  • eScription Mobile gives clinicians the ability to fully document patient encounters using only a mobile device.


  • InScribe provides the benefits of medical transcription with efficient and accurate document completion via transcription typing, speech-recognition text editing, and data entry — all designed to save time.

  • InCommand empowers facility administrators with the ability to easily monitor and manage their in-house transcriptionist team.


  • ShadowLink automates secure interfaces between medical facilities and eScription One, providing communication efficiency and protection.


  • ShadowScribe generates transcription text, using software that "learns" to "understand" individual speakers.


  • ShadowPrint automatically prints documents with a variety of setting parameters, a flexible feature that saves time.

  • A double layer of security protects your documentation.

    Our solutions not only meet HIPAA security rules published to protect patient information but also ensures that this information is readily available to you. eScription One maintains redundant data centers to ensure 24X7 accessibility. Each data center connects to the Internet backbone at separate access points yet they are identical in every respect (power, Internet, servers, etc).

    In the event that eScription One loses a data center, the second center will seamlessly handle the transactions and Internet traffic. All information maintained on the eScription One servers is secure and accessible only by the managing client.

  • Highest level 256 bit encryption transfers, with data at rest using AES 256 bit encryption. High level server data security with multi-site redundancy servers. Fully privacy compliant with privacy laws including HIPAA, HPP, HIPPA and NPP.

  • Flexible - Dictate via iPhone, iPad, android, tablet, digital voice recorder, computer microphone and/or landline.

  • Smart – Only with eScription One are Author changes/corrections automatically fed back to typist.

  • Accessible - Online editing and signing/authentication for authors 24/7. Anywhere, anytime.

  • Back-end voice recognition engine.


Transcription System - InScribe
  • Full autotext functionality with Australian and British dictionaries built in.

  • Quantifiable typist feedback and rating systems including real time automatic author feedback.

  • Online self-directed training program for transcriptionists.

  • Qualified text and template set ups can reduce line counts and typing time by up to 30%.

  • Secure delivery of final document back to a shared drive or EMR in Word, PDF, .rtf, HL7, HTML.


Demographics and Data


  • NTS already has linked with all the industry leading Patient Management Systems from small practices to large hospitals using systems like Cerner, PIMs, HBCIS and iSOFT. The ability to load appointment data into InScribe allows for a more accurate and timely document resulting in less errors and time correcting.

  • Links with industry leading electronic delivery systems – Medical Objects, HealthLink & Argus.




  • Over 60 real time filterable performance, production, quality and miscellaneous reports – available via password access to management, doctors, authors, transcriptionists.

  • Comprehensive audit trail for all dictations and transcripts.




  • Australian based help desk contactable via toll free number.

  • Onsite and electronic training and education.

  • Training and education manuals available online for download or printing.


  • Unlimited use of eScription One services at no extra cost.

    Implementation, help desk, and interfacing support teams, as well as all maintenance, EHR integration, and upgrades are included at no additional costs.


Contact NTS today to learn more about our eScription One solutions for healthcare providers.



Solution Highlights

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