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Transcription Solutions

​Some people dream of practical solutions. We make it happen.
Client Testimonial

“Clinicians find the system easy to operate with some now using their iPhone to record dictations. Continual enhancements to the system allow us to keep up to date with technological advancements and improve our internal workflows and processes. The online checking/editing function allows for efficient processing of documents - with the assistance of NTS transcriptions this has progressed to documents being uploaded to our digitalised medical record. .”


Lisa Basile,

Peninsula Health

Simplify and automate the patient encounter documentation process while controlling costs

From initial dictation through transcription and data documentation, the eScription One solution is designed to meet your organisational needs. Built with the latest technology and security at the forefront, our robust implementation process allows for client customisation while accommodating shortened timelines.

The eScription One solution offers unsurpassed benefits for medical facility performance and financials
  • Qualified Text decreases documentation costs. By automatically generating document content based on common       text, line counts and their affiliated transcription fees are reduced, while efficiency is maximised.

  • Mobile maximises clinician productivity. Clinicians can fully document patient encounters on a common mobile device  dictate, review, edit, authenticate and route documentation using an Android or Apple iOS device.

  • DaRT facilitates seamless EHR integration. By automatically tagging content and discretely populating an EHR, the time-consuming point and click process is eliminated.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure delivers maximum, reliable performance while ensuring data integrity.


eScription One's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has anticipated the healthcare industry demand for efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness.
  • Maintains Meaningful Use and meets HIPAA regulations without the frustration that can accompany sophisticated software.

  • Seamlessly works with EHR systems in the hands of all users, eliminating obstacles to efficiency.

  • Increases productivity — more work gets done in a day, maximising revenue capacity.

  • Elevated adoption rates because the platform is flexible, intuitive and easy to use.

  • Incurs no hidden or additional costs. No need to invest in software, upgrades, maintenance, support, or EHR interfaces.

  • Can be customised and operational in under two weeks.

eScription One's individual web-based applications make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
  • InSync automatically uploads dictations from digital recorders to the eScription One's servers, effortlessly and seamlessly.

  • InTouch allows health care professionals to dictate over the phone, increasing their comfort and productivity.

  • InScribe simplifies efficient and accurate document completion via transcription typing, speech-recognition text editing, and data entry — all designed to save time.

  • InQuiry enables medical facilities to manage their day-to-day documentation workflow — efficiently and effortlessly.

  • InCommand empowers documentation specialists to manage the day-to-day operations and view the status of their workload — information for better control of the workflow.

  • ShadowLink automates secure interfaces between medical facilities and eScription One, providing communication efficiency and protection.

  • ShadowScribe generates transcription text, using software that "learns" to "understand" individual speakers.

  • ShadowPrint automatically prints documents with a variety of setting parameters, a flexible feature that saves time.

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