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Maximise Doctor Efficiency

Client Testimonial

“NTS Transcriptions provides PCI with access to leading web-based eScription One technologies and the highest level of support.


This results in improved efficiencies with our dictations and streamlining administrative processes. Ultimately contributing to providing the best care for our patients."


Sye Huges BDM

Perth Cardiovascular Institute

Secure On Line editing gives Doctors flexibility to edit letters anywhere - anytime.


By giving Doctors the flexibility to check letters from any computer means that the letter can be approved sooner and processed through the workflow faster resulting in a faster turnaround back to the referrer.


eScription One Mobile maximises the efficiency and flexibility of a clinician's obligation to document patient encounters.

eScription one Mobile allows healthcare professionals to use a WiFi network or cellular data connection to create documentation with one of these popular devices:


  • Apple iOS - iPhone, iPad

  • Android mobile devices and Tablets


Users have robust functionality to create patient documentation on-the-go.
  • Documentation created on a mobile device can be reviewed, edited and electronically signed on the same device or from any Internet-connected computer


  • Once approved, an authenticated, high quality document can automatically be printed, faxed, or integrated directly into an EHR system — both as a narrative report and as a marked-up, sophisticated structured document.

The mobile device accesses patient schedules and transcription history to expedite the dictation process.


To aid in the documentation and dictation processes, healthcare providers can also view

  • Their schedule and appointments.

  • Dictation and document templates.

  • Patients’ transcription history.

eScription One Mobile is a free download from the mobile device store.


Apple. Visit the Apple App Store


Android. Visit the Google Play Android Marketplace. Search for 'eScription one Mobile.'


Contact us today to learn how eScription one Mobile can provide greater freedom and efficiency when documenting patient encounters.



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