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Integrated - Dictation and Medical Transcription Solutions.

Decrease Documentation Costs

​The combination of eScription One's Qualified Text and Print Templates automatically generates documentation lines and document sections, decreasing the amount of typing required. Documentation costs drop significantly while productivity increases.

Maximise Clinician Productivy

eScription One Mobile maximises the efficiency and flexibility of a clinician's obligation to document patient consultations.


Users have robust functionality to create patient documentation on-the-go.

Seamless Integration

By maximising healthcare provider productivity when using an EHR, clinicians can see the same number of patients without increasing the length of their workday. Both revenue capacity and patient satisfaction are retained.

Client Testimonials

"When we think of the strong growth in our core business, we look to the improvements made in our business processes. NTS Transcriptions provides PCI with access to leading web-based eScription One technologies and the highest level of support. This results in improved efficiencies with our dictations and streamlining administrative processes. Ultimately contributing to providing the best care for our patients."


Sye Hughes, Business Development Manager
Perth Cardiovascular Institute


Contact us anytime to see how we can help with your documentation processes and costs.

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