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Healthcare Providers

Client Testimonial

"Clinicians find the system easy to operate with some now using their iPhone to record dictations.


Continual enhancements to the system allow us to keep up to date with technological advancements and improve our internal workflows and processes.


The online checking/editing function allows for efficient processing of documents - with the assistance of NTS transcriptions this has progressed to documents being uploaded to our digitalised medical record."


Coding and Casemix Manager Peninsula Health , VIC

Clinicians who focus on their patient, not their computer, can document patient encounters quickly and thoroughly


eScription ones's software helps simplify and streamline patient encounter documentation. Our solution can be customised to work with your current workflow — automating documentation, saving time, and dramatically improving productivity. Our provider solution offers a reliable, straightforward patient documentation solution that identifies the structured data needed for analytics AND a robust patient story that provides all of the information needed for quality care. eScription one brings operational and financial benefits to your organisation.


  • Continue to use natural language to document the patient encounter.

Our powerful patient care documentation solutions will create the clinical record while you move on to the next patient.


  • Record encounters as both structured and narrative documents.

Encounters can be recorded as both traditional narrative reports that preserve the patient story for referring clinician review, as well as structured data elements that integrate seamlessly into an EHR.


  • Flexible, sophisticated medical record documentation technology.

Document creation can be accomplished by utilising one of five methods — mobile app, speech recognition, handheld digital recorder, computer or telephone.


  • Increase job satisfaction.

No change in workflow, no decrease in revenue, no increase in the length of a clinician's workday. Work is focused on the patient, not computer documentation.


  • Heighten productivity.

The ability to create an extensive library of custom document and dictation templates significantly reduces dictation and transcription time.


  • Effortlessly exchange data with your Patient Management System.

Our sophisticated team of interface and implementation experts has the comprehensive knowledge needed to provide seamless integration at no cost.


Contact us today to learn more about our medical record documentation solutions for healthcare providers.

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