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Decrease Documentation costs

Client Testimonial

"Most of the staff use eScription One to edit their letters. This program allows the Medical Secretaries to check all relevant information and update if required. The letter can then be saved and sent to the dictator without delay.


It also helps if a department is very busy, eScription One can be accessed at any computer and so other departments can offer help.


With the real time reporting system, I can monitor turnaround times and staff efficiency.


NTS Support is always on the other end of the line. They are very helpfull and always able to assist. NTS are very prompt with quick precise actioning."


Fremantle Hospital Health Service

Qualified Text


Only eScription one offers the time- and money-saving feature, Qualified Text.


Qualified Text is text automatically populated into a transcription based on document and/or dictation templates. Qualified Text includes editable fields that can be modified as necessary. eScription One assigns these auto-populated characters a separate line count and are billed at a reduced rate. Qualified Text decreases the amount of typing required, thereby lowering documentation costs, and allowing documentation to be completed faster.


In addition, dictation and document templates allow clinicians to base dictations on common content and customise data as necessary, multiplying the efficiency of dictation.

Print Templates


Print Templates generate uneditable content for each document type, eliminating the need for manual formatting. Examples of templated transcription fields include:


  • Letterhead information

  • Demographic field labels

  • Headers and footers — beginning and ending paragraphs

Reduced line counts mean reduced costs


The combination of eScription One's Qualified Text and Print Templates automatically generates documentation lines and document sections, decreasing the amount of typing required. Documentation costs drop significantly while productivity increases.

Contact Us today to learn more about the cost saving capabilities of Qualified Text.




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