Seamless Integration

Client Testimonial

“The clinic has experienced immediate improvements in reporting and turnaround time. Transcription processing has become a tightly managed function. Finally, the unique clinical transcription environment is being addressed.”


Tom Anthony, Chief Information Officer
Springfield Clinic

Simplify documentation while supporting EHR adoption and regulatory initiatives


Emdat's DaRT (Discrete accurate Reportable Transcription) interfacing enables medical facilities to implement a complimentary approach to documentation that supports Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption while protecting provider productivity and patient satisfaction. Many medical facilities are adopting EHR systems in an effort to comply with the HITECH Act and Meaningful Use guidelines. These systems claim to eliminate the cost of patient documentation by requiring healthcare providers to abandon dictation and use templates to record patient encounters but this is merely reallocating the cost to the physician.


Utilize dictation content to auto-populate the EHR


With DaRT, medical facilities can embrace their EHR without requiring a change in behavior. Healthcare providers can spend their valuable time doing what they do best: practicing medicine.


Emdat's DaRT automatically tags sections of transcription content (Chief Complaint, Medical History, Family History, etc.), and discretely populates the EHR — just as if a provider had entered it using structured documentation.


By maximizing healthcare provider productivity when using an EHR, physicians can see the same number of patients without increasing the length of their workday. Both revenue capacity and patient satisfaction are retained.


Industry studies reveal that EHR use can cause a drop in physician satisfaction and revenue.


Right now, solely using an EHR as a means to document care is a trade in cost allocations. Documentation costs may decrease, but so does healthcare provider productivity, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


An industry survey reveals these key findings from clinicians:


  • 93% negate that working with an EHR reduces time spent documenting care.

  • 67% respond that using a keyboard and mouse to document proved to be a serious impediment to efficiency and therefore an obstacle to adoption.

  • 97% prefer a narrative — rather than structured data entry — as the more valuable resource in treating patients.

  • 96% believe that the patient’s individual story become lost using data entry.

Several studies and publicly available data echo the same observations:


  • The AC Group reports a 73% failure rate of EHRs due to usability frustrations. "Failure" was defined as not using the EHR for 80% of their patients.

  • The AC Group also reviewed 573 charts and found that entering data into the EHR took an average of 9 times longer than dictating a patient encounter.

  • For the healthcare provider who cares for 20 patients each day, this translates to 180 minutes a day of lost productivity.

  • The result: Providers either will see fewer patients or work longer hours.

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